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Parallel Expectations

How does our Tutoring work


Everything Online

At Parallel Expectations Tutoring, we exclusively offer online sessions via video. Connect with experienced tutors, access resources, and let us help our dyslexic students achieve their learning goals—all from the comfort of your own space.


UK and Portugal

We specialize in providing tailored tutoring services for dyslexic students located in the UK and Portugal. Our tutors are experienced in understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by dyslexic learners, and we offer targeted support to help them succeed academically. Whether you're in the UK or Portugal.


Groups of 3

We limit our tutoring classes to three students at a time to ensure personalized attention and maximum engagement. The best part is that students can share their experience as dyslexics with each other.



We foster a positive reinforcement environment specifically designed to boost the self-esteem of dyslexic students who may have faced challenges in traditional educational settings. Our approach focuses on celebrating achievements, no matter how small, and providing encouragement and support every step of the way.

Based on NoticeAbility

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