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We are The UK's and Portugal's remote learning providers of

NoticeAbility's Entrepreneurs and Innovators course.   

This course provides the opportunity for students to work in small groups on a business idea whilst learning about the M.I.N.D strengths associated with dyslexia. The main aim of the program is to increase the self esteem of students and offer them an opportunity to look at their dyslexia with a fresh perspective. Please watch the video above to find out more! 


NoticeAbility with Parallel Expectations

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Teaching to Strengths

NoticeAbility has pioneered a groundbreaking approach to educating middle school students with dyslexia. While remedial reading programs are crucial in the early stages of dyslexic students' education, the conventional school curriculum often fails to harness the unique and powerful capabilities of the dyslexic mind.

At NoticeAbility, we challenge this narrative by introducing tailored enrichment curricula to dyslexic students during their middle school years. This strategic intervention occurs at a crucial juncture when students have attained a level of reading proficiency, yet their self-perception remains malleable. By empowering students to recognize and leverage their strengths, we foster a positive self-image that propels them to fully engage in their educational journey and realize their personal and professional potential.


Building SEL Competency

NoticeAbility places a significant emphasis on social-emotional learning (SEL) and executive functioning (EF), underpinned by extensive research. Studies consistently demonstrate the importance of nurturing strong SEL and EF skills for achieving positive educational and social outcomes. These outcomes include, but are not limited to, a heightened sense of connection to school, enhanced classroom behavior, elevated academic performance, improved mental and physical well-being, and positive cognitive, social, and psychological development.


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Fostering Bonds

NoticeAbility is at the forefront of transforming the traditional 'one size fits all' educational approach by offering educators and afterschool instructors valuable insights into the unique strengths associated with dyslexia. Our aim is to shift the focus from a standardized model to one that celebrates the individual attributes of each student, irrespective of their learning differences.



Through NoticeAbility's project-based curricula, facilitators guide students on a journey that fosters camaraderie and authentic inquiry. In doing so, we replace doubt and fear of failure with a supportive environment where students feel empowered to embrace their strengths and explore their full potential.

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